System Success Training
System Success Guide
General Training
What are my basic set-up steps.

How do i change my contact info.

What are my turnkey links I send out.

how and where do I create pages myself

Links and Pages
how to change home page.

where are my lead capture pages.

how do i change lead path to a different tour page

how do i change email campaign for a lead page

Email Training
how to view email messages

how to edit email messages

how to create my own campaign

how to add messages to my campaign

Text Message Training
how do i add an instant text follow up to a lead page

how do i create a text drip campaign and add to a lead page

Leads and Scoring Training
where do i find my leads

how do i see the pages that a prospect has visited

how do i add a score item to a prospect

how do i view the point values of score items

how do i add my own score

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